In the green heart of the peninsula, on the hilly and sunny lands of the Umbria region, the story of the largest organic olive grove in Italy is born. We tell you this story in six short chapters.

Chapter 1)


Terre Del Papa Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil grows on organic lands, in the green heart of Italy, characterized by a rich geological history and a unique climate. The region of Umbria is also known for being one of the best places in the world for extra virgin olive oils and for the high quality of life.

Chapter 2)


More than fifteen main varieties of organic olives are cultivated, managed and carefully selected in the production of all our oils. Terre Del Papa Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils tell with their tastes, aromas and flavors a story called quality. Their characteristics are unmistakable.

Chapter 3)


The harvest of our organic olives mobilizes the entire village of Sismano to select the fruits of a whole year of work, between October and November. Our team supervises this magical moment to shorten the times and obtain the highest quality.

Chapter 4)


A modern oil mill and high quality control guarantee the quality for each stage of processing of the precious organic olives: from washing, to the grinding of the dough, its mixing at a controlled temperature up to the extraction of its nectar which ends up in the package.

Chapter 5)


The Art of Blending requires the Selection and Sensory Harmonization of Extra Virgin Olive Oils just extracted from different areas and sectors of our olive grove. Each sector is characterized by different varieties of Organic Olives and it starts right from the row where the olives grow our process of selection for the right blend. The result of this process are unique blends that start “on the earth” rather than in a lab.

Chapter 6)


From the earth to the table, this is our motto, in the name of total traceability and safety for the consumer of a product of excellence.
Our motto is the maximum expression of Food Transparency, which unfortunately is not always guaranteed in the olive oil sector. Terre Del Papa differentiates itself from the others by making Transparency part of its mission and operations.